What Is The Purpose Of The “Medicare And You” Handbook?

Each fall, you receive a new “Medicare and You” handbook with updated information concerning Medicare. The handbook includes a summary of:

  • Medicare rights
  • Medicare benefits 
  • Medicare protections 
  • Lists of available health and drug plans
  • Answers to FAQs about Medicare 

You will receive this handbook in September unless you opt to receive it electronically. The reason you receive this handbook is to educate you and other Medicare beneficiaries with up-to-date information about the Medicare program. 

What Topics Are Covered In The Handbook?

The handbook includes information on: 

  • Medicare Part A, or hospital insurance
  • Medicare Part B, or outpatient/medical insurance 
  • Medicare Supplement, or Medigap, insurance 
  • Medicare Part C, or Medicare Advantage plans
  • Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage 

The handbook also includes a chart that compares key components of Medicare Part A and Part B under the federal Medicare program with Medicare Advantage. You can also discover information on receiving financial aid for your Medicare prescription drug coverage. 

What Topics Are Not Covered In The Handbook?

You will not find plan-specific information in the handbook. Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare prescription plans information can be found in your plan’s Evidence of Coverage and Summary of Benefits. The Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) informs you of yearly changes in plans and benefits. 

You will receive the Evidence of Coverage and Summary of Benefits if you are enrolled in a Medicare plan, such as a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Part D plan. Your Annual Notice of Change is the notice you receive from the plan you are enrolled in, whether it be a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare prescription drug plan. You will receive this notice in late September. This letter will educate you on your plan’s cost and/or coverage changes beginning January 1st. You will typically receive your ANOC and your EOC at the same time.  

2022 Medicare And You Handbook 

Your 2022 Medicare and You handbook is a 128-page handbook with the newest and most up-to-date information that will be implemented on January 1st, 2022. This handbook is divided into ten sections and includes an Index of Topics to help find the topic you are searching for. The handbook also includes the following topics:

  • What’s New and Important?
  • What are the Parts of Medicare?
  • Your Medicare Options
  • At a Glance: Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage
  • Get Started With Medicare
  • Get the most out of Medicare 

Your handbook also includes a symbol key that helps better educate you on your Medicare options. Your symbol key includes:

  • Compare: shows comparisons between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage 
  • Cost and Coverage: updated information concerning your new costs and coverage for services
  • Preventative Service: provides updated information about preventative services offered
  • Important!: Highlights new information that is imperative to review
  • New!: highlights information that is new in the year’s “Medicare and You” handbook

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