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Is Final Expense worth it?

If you are anticipating end-of-life costs, debt or have specific funeral plans, final expense could be right for you.

Do I need final expense?

Final expense is a relatively inexpensive type of life insurance policy that can cover some of the costs associated with end-of-life. Funerals are one of the biggest areas of coverage, as well as credit card debt and car loans.

Many people don’t realize the cost of funerals and may be shocked to find they average about $9,000. If you don’t want your family to pay that price out-of-pocket, a final expense policy may be the right option for you.

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How can I enroll in a final expense policy?

Enrolling in a final expense policy begins with finding an insurance provider. If you’re already enrolled in another policy, check to see if your provider offers different types of life insurance. Planning for different scenarios and taking proactive steps is necessary for being prepared and protecting your family.

If your provider doesn’t sell Final Expense policies, our team at Game Changing Benefits is here to assist. We’ll answer your questions and help guide you through this important decision. We understand the importance of enrolling in the right policy and look forward to walking you through the process.

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