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We offer a variety of services to support your loved ones, help you choose insurance and plan for the future.  From Medicare to funeral trusts, our experts have got you covered.  To learn more about the possibilities of working with Game Changing Benefits, read through our blog.  

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Medicare Advantage

Is Medicare Advantage Worth It?

Medicare Advantage is one of the parts of the Medicare program that is sold by Medicare-approved private insurers companies. It is also known as Medicare

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x-ray of teeth

Does Medicare Cover Dental Work?

Generally, Original Medicare does not include dental coverage. This means you’d have to cover the cost for routine services such as cleanings, dental exams, and

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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Exams?

Generally, Medicare does not cover routine hearing exams. Medicare covers other approved healthcare costs that are distributed under the different parts. For example, Original Medicare

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What is Not Covered by Medicare?

Medicare was designed to provide healthcare coverage for seniors 65 and over and to help lower out-of-pocket costs so costly medical expenses could be avoided.

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